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Días de Sol

Omar Tamez & Angelica Sanchez

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  • Omar Tamez - guitar, kalimba & harmonica
  • Angelica Sanchez - Piano

Upcoming Concerts

Thursday, 15 January

Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey Trio, Barbes, 8pm, Brooklyn, NY

Press Quotes

In her piano playing as well as her compositions Angelica Sanchez seeks out the lyrical heartbeat within any avant-garde storm.
- The New York Times/Chinen

Sanchez's provocative writing - full of evocative harmonies and open-ended forms showcases her flair for counterpoint and marks her as a formidable talent...
- JazzTimes Magazine

"...introduces a refreshingly unfussy approach to advanced composition.... ...she carries an unforced authority; her virtuosity (not too strong a word) is less solid than fluid, a thing of movement and ease."
- Philadelphia City Paper/Chinen